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Been In Love With You - Autographed Copy

Been In Love With You - Autographed Copy

This story is book one of six. Each book is an 'episode' and one story continues on to the next like a TV series. You must read these books in order.

New Orleans police officer, Elias (Eli) Leaumont, is secretly in love with the woman who saved his life. The woman who has been his best friend ever since that life-changing day. Four years in, their friendship is stronger than ever, bonded by an event that neither of them will ever forget.

Natalie thinks the world of Eli. She loves him dearly – as a friend – and made it clear to him years ago that she would never date a cop. However, they spend so much time together, most people already think they are a couple.
Then there's the way Eli looks at her...

What Natalie doesn't know is, Elias considers her much more than just a friend. Jealousy consumes him when he thinks Natalie is more interested in his brother, Solomon. His behavior becomes obsessive. And then there's the emotional and physical damage he sustained from being shot while on duty, four years ago.

Previously published under the Mine By Default Mini-Series. If you've already read that series, there's no need for you to purchase this one.