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Dying To Love Her 1

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Dying To Love Her 1

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When Andre Rockwell met Ava Flowers on vacation, he knew it was love at first sight. They fell in love and married, all within a week’s time. Andre soon discovers that fairytale marriages in paradise are just that – fairytales – especially after he never hears from Ava again. Forced to move on with his life, he throws all his time and energy into his company, but one day by chance, he runs into Ava. With her is a toddler – a little boy who looks just like him.

Ava never thought she’d see Andre again. She was doing just fine raising little Andrew on her own, but when she runs into Andre one day in Charlotte, she knows her days of avoiding him are over. She must tell him why she decided not to pursue their marriage after they parted ways two years ago.

*This is a re-release. If you've read this previously, you do not need to read this story.