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An Unlikely Love Series Set - Hardback

An Unlikely Love Series Set - Hardback

This is a hardcover edition of the Unlikely Love Series that includes the stories:

When I Needed You
When You Needed Me
Flicker: An Ahmalee + Cain Update

You get all three books in one set! Limited quantities are available.

Book 1 - When I Needed You
Ahmalee makes candles. She never thought she'd spark a flame with Cain - a complete stranger. A story of compassion that turns into passion. Ahmalee Hayes’ world is interrupted when a homeless man loiters around her shop – Ivy and Eden Candle Company. Just when the business owner thinks she’s run him away, he shows up at her door – not at the shop again – this time he’s at her house! Can she see through the flames to lend a helping hand to a complete stranger or is the interaction too risky for the small-town candle maker?

Book 2 - He said his name was Cain...
At least that’s who Ahmalee knows him as, but Cain Wesley has been smoldering with secrets, leaving Ahmalee completely in the dark about his true identity. Their connection is undeniable. The love is all the way real, but will it be enough to keep their bond strong when Ahmalee finds out the truth about him, or will this relationship be extinguished before it has a real chance to ignite?

Book 3 - Flicker: An Ahmalee + Cain Update
His eyes warm me like the flame of a candle…
Ahmalee and Cain are beginning their new lives as a married couple, but it’s taking Ahmalee more time to get adjusted to Cain’s millionaire lifestyle. She’s in love with her husband but struggles internally with her new identity as the millionaire mogul's wife living in their Charlotte, North Carolina mansion. Can they meet in the middle to keep the flame burning?