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Snowed in at Shenandoah Valley

Snowed in at Shenandoah Valley

Deja Barnett is embarking on a journey to Shenandoah Valley to try on a gorgeous wedding gown. She has a cake tasting appointment all lined up and a walk-thru at the venue to ensure the BIG day is perfect. The only thing is, she’s not the one getting married…

When Deja happily signed on as her sister’s maid of honor, she didn’t expect she’d also be the ‘stand-in’ bride to handle ALL the tasks her busy, real estate sister isn’t able (or willing) to do. She also didn’t expect that her car would break down in a snowstorm on the way to the valley. And she definitely didn’t foresee the tall, dark and handsome, Dare Stokes, coming to her rescue.

After Dare helps Deja to her condo, he thought that would be the last time he saw her. He was wrong. They’re connected in a way that neither of them can believe, but another connection is swirling between the single, ditsy woman who men didn’t quite ‘get’, and the handsome bachelor who had his heart broken six years ago.

*There are 4 short stories that accompany this novel - The Dare and Deja Chronicles. Visit to order.