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The Inheritance

The Inheritance

In the world of Geneva Knight, dreams are within reach, but at what cost?

The proud owner of her very own day spa, Geneva's path to success is finally taking shape. However, her relentless pursuit of greatness has left her on the brink of financial ruin, with her business teetering on the edge of collapse. And then she receives news that her estranged father, Alfred Knight, has passed away, leaving behind a tempting inheritance.

Geneva's journey to claim her newfound wealth won't come without a price. In a twist of fate orchestrated by her late father, she must comply with his cryptic demands in order to receive her share. These demands force Geneva to leave behind her life in Atlanta, return to her childhood home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and confront a painful past that she has long buried.

As she steps into the familiar walls of her family abode, Geneva is faced with a daunting challenge. She must spend the next three months under the same roof as Wyatt McDowell, her high school sweetheart and a constant reminder of the past she yearns to forget. The sparks of their shared history are rekindled, but can Geneva afford to surrender to the allure of long-lost love amidst the chaos of her quest for financial stability?