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Rude Boss 1

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Rude Boss 1

I need a job, but...

I should’ve listened to everyone who warned me about Essex DePaul, the millionaire CEO of his own tax firm. He’s one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen. He has eyes that make you forget to swallow, a dazzling smile guaranteed to make your heart race, and a face you’d surely never forget. Everything about him is perfect—everything except his attitude.

He’s one of the rudest, most callous men I’ve ever met. He takes rude to an unprecedented level. At work, they call him ‘The Dictator’. Look at him the wrong way and you’re fired. Say something out-of-line and you’re out on your tail.

So, why do I work here? The money. I’m broke with no hope, living with my best friend in a cramped two-bedroom apartment. I need my own place and for some unfathomable reason, Mr. DePaul has agreed to pay me double the salary for an accounting position. With that much money, I should be able to put up with his attitude, shouldn’t I?

Rude Boss is book 1 of a 2 book series! This is Book 1.