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Baked With Love (The Boardwalk Bakery Romance Series) Autographed

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Baked With Love (The Boardwalk Bakery Romance Series) Autographed

Gianna Jacobsen is busy taking care of her ill sister, Gemma Jacobsen, and running The Boardwalk Bakery, her quaint, little cupcake shop, where she uses all of her profits to finance her sister's health care. She's barely able to make ends meet.

Ramsey St. Claire, owner of St. Claire Architects, Charlotte's premier architect firm - can't understand the draw he has to visit The Boardwalk Bakery - that is until he actually goes inside and meets the quirky, timid bakery owner, Gianna. There's an instant...something. Not love, though. He doesn't believe in love at first sight. But there is...something. Since recently taking a sabbatical from work, he has all the time in the world to figure out what that something is.

When he starts to peel back the layers of Gianna, he quickly becomes addicted to more than just her delicious, mouth-watering cupcakes. He wants to know her in ways that he's never gotten to know a woman. And he's hoping her matchmaking, best friend can help him do just that.