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Gift Card - Tina Martin Publications

Gift Card - Tina Martin Publications

Gift Cards make wonderful gifts for your book-loving friends. Have someone in mind who you think will love books by Tina Martin? Give them the gift of a gift card for this website where they can order their own autographed books.

**Here's how your Gift Card works:

After you purchase this option, we will email you with a one-time use, discount code for $20. You can send this discount code to whomever you're buying this gift card for and it can be used on ANY item that is equal to or less than the gift certificate amount. It works just like any other discount code, and it must be used all at once in a single transaction. If your order totals more than $20, you will be charged the remaining balance. **Gift cards expire one year after the date of purchase. Be sure to take advantage of this offer in a timely manner.**